YouTube Sessions #1

So I’m starting a new series this week. I’m going to play a new original song straight from my kitchen — just me and the guitar. I’ve got so many new ones (and old ones) that I want you to hear. You can watch them here or at

You can also download the audio for free right here: Song of Freedom.

I’ll keep an archive of the MP3s on the Current Music page.


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6 comments on “YouTube Sessions #1
  1. mom says:

    Awesome song Ben!

  2. Jessica Pritchett says:

    Love the Song of Freedom! Kitchen looks good.

  3. Tim Willis says:

    Ben, I am overwhelmed by the gift God has given you through music. Your song really ministered to me today. Tim

  4. max (your moms hair person) says:

    beautiful song, and to think,, sacred heart singing is where it started.i guess blessings truly follow through generations.

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