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I’m Hungry

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This week, I’ve got a wonderful worship song that I hope you’ll enjoy.  I love doing it in this slow, contemplative way.  I could sing it for hours! (thanks Harold Greene).  It was written by Kathryn Scott from the Vineyard in Ireland (we’re getting intenational here).

Download here.  Play here:[audio:|titles=Hungry|artists=Ben Ward]

4 comments on “I’m Hungry

  1. I MISS you and your music!!!! Your songs were so special to me!!!!! My boyfriend,Aaron, and I attend Northwoods Church in Peoria! Hungry, Mover of Mountains, and To Worship You were my FAVORITES!!!!!!! I hope to hear you on K-Love someday and I will boast that you were our worship leader ……way back when!!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK and giving God all the glory! and praise

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It means so much to know that God used me while I was at Northwoods in your life! I’m glad you like the songs, too…they are an offering to Him :).


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