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Learn to Love Rest

So on Sunday I did my 8 mile long run. On the last mile or so I had some pain in my left knee. I knew this was no good because Olivia has struggled with an ITB fiction injury for some time. I know  it can keep you down. So I had the next day off and I talked to my friend Jerry who just completed an Ironman Triathlon (!). He’s also a physical therspist so he knows what he’s […]

A Little Uncomfortable

So, on today’s long run (8 miles), I had…how do I say it…trapped gas. By the end it was gone (and no I didn’t “get rid” of it in Central Park!) and I felt better. But, it was very uncomfortable. That’s something that’s happened to me a few times since losing the weight. It gets very painful and I’m pretty much a baby with pain. But, I made the target pace I wanted (avg around 9:30). I found this great […]

Off On Mondays

I’m excited to share about my first full marathon training. I usually tweet about the runs, but these posts will delve a little deeper. I’m calling them “Off On Mondays” because my rest day is on Mondays! Pretty genius, huh? Here’s a link to the plan I’m using. I actually got it when I registered my Nike GPS watch last month. I wanted something pretty challenging (to me) as I’ve been running all year and really wanted to “go for […]

Why Do You Run?

As I wrote yesterday, I’m running the NYC Marathon November 6. This is an amazing video put together by my team-Team World Vision. Would you consider sponsoring a child today? Click on the link in the sidebar…

Help Me Run – Help a Child

As many of you know I’m running the NYC Marathon on November 6 of this year! I’ve lost 113 lbs in the past year and a big part of achieving that has been running. I ran my very first half marathon in April. I’m well into training now and I am so excited!! I am running for Team World Vision. World Vision is one of the largest and strongest humanitarian organizations in the world. They believe in helping children in […]