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Faith & Hope [ 13 ]

Prayer of St Francis  

Prayer of St Francis

I wanted to sing this prayer but couldn’t find a version I felt strongly about…so I wrote a new one! Here’s a live version from a recent service…

O Night Divine

Love celebrating the coming of Jesus to us…Glory to God in the highest…Merry Christmas!!! Download here :).

Best Christmas Song You’ve Never Heard

My grandparents, Tommie and Margaret Spurlock, met at a Sacred Harp Singing. I found this amazing Sacred Harp Christmas song, “Christmas Anthem,” and I’m so excited to sing it for you today with my friends Stephanie White and Sara Ciotti! Download Here. 225 Christmas Anthem Written by James Denson, 1844 Oh, how charming Are the radiant bands of music! Flying in the air. The church triumphant gives the tone While they surround the holy throne, In glory, with celestial arts, […]

New (Old) Song

Let’s go back to 1997 for this one…Olivia and I weren’t even engaged yet…but I missed her and I hd some darkness that needed light. “Day Over Night” was born… Day Over Night Written by Ben Ward VERSE 1 I’m here without sight Heal me Lord I’m here without direction Cut me a path towards A place of clarity Somewhere I can see CHORUS Father, Comforter, Savior, Friend Hold me close till this pain has an end In you I […]

Help Me Believe

Brand new song about finding help to believe…lyrics below! Help me Believe Written by Ben Ward My heart’s so stubborn I keep running Going nowhere Standing still Reasons keep crumbling Falling and fumbling My next step’s suddenly clear CHORUS Help me believe you love me Help me believe you care Help me believe you’re real and not some part of my imagination I’m standing waiting to see Help me believe Seems so easy Everybody’s reaching Don’t they doubt Aren’t they […]

Lavishing Love

Brand new song today!! So excited to share this one about the Prodigal Son…let me know what you think! Finding My Way Back to You Written by Ben Ward You overwhelm me with mercy You overtake me with grace Lavishing love, more than enough Goodness I see and taste So why do I run away? CHORUS So unworthy Still You love me Undeserving Yet You celebrate As I’m finding my way In Your time and Your place Back to the […]