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Spiritual Songs


Touch the Sky
(Touch the Sky with Special Guests)

No Longer Slaves
(No Longer Slaves – Bethel Cover)
Your Love is Extravagant
(My Favorite Worship Song)
Ever Be
(Bethel’s Ever Be)
Everything About You
(So Right)
This is Amazing Grace
(This is Amazing Grace)
Sound of Your Voice
(New Song – Sound of Your Voice)
O Holy Night
(O Night Divine)
Christmas Anthem
(Best Christmas Song You’ve Never Heard)
(Happy Thanksgiving!!!!)
Day Over Night
(New (Old) Song)
Help Me Believe
(Help Me Believe)
Sinking Deep
(Sinking Deep!)
Finding My Way Back to You
(Lavishing Love)
You Make Me Brave
(New Cover – You Make Me Brave)
Your Name
(Your Name – New Song)
Come Home
(Come Home for Christmas)
(Overjoyed About this New Song)
(New Song. New Video)
Hard to Believe
YouTube Sessions #16)
Stand Up Among Us
YouTube Sessions #17)
I Am Known
YouTube Sessions #15)
You Love Me
YouTube Sessions #14)
YouTube Sessions #13)
Take Up Residence
YouTube Sessions #4)
I Need You Lord
YouTube Sessions #3)
All of Me
YouTube Sessions #2)
Song of Freedom
YouTube Sessions #1)