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Found this in a notebook…love the simplicity of it! Thanks to Shaun Stols for production support and Stephanie for singing! Download here. Freely Written by Ben Ward All my love is Yours Every piece, every part Every inch unfurled All my heart I give All the light, all the dark All the life I live CHORUS I don’t understand How You love me I could not have planned Something so lovely As the beauty that I see Changing every part […]

Bethel’s Ever Be  

Bethel’s Ever Be

Love worshipping with this new song…here’s our version! Thanks to Shaun Stols for production support! Download here.

So Right

Brand spanking new song written with Stephanie White. We actually got the idea in the middle of a very hurried rehearsal before a worship service. I recorded the snippet on my phone and then dug it up this week…everything about God is just so right…so perfect…just “yes.” Download here. Everything About You Ben Ward/Stephanie White I want to sing to You when it’s cold outside I want to sing to You in the darkest night I want to sing to […]

This is Amazing Grace

Happy to be joined by Stephanie White for this acoustic cover of a great Phil Wickham / Jeremy Riddle / Bethel Music song! Phil Wickham version: Jeremy Riddle version:

Your Name – New Song

Wanted to write a simple song for the people to sing at church for a long time. I have some like Mover of Mountains and I Need You Lord, but I usually end up with way too many words and harmonies for the “common folk.” ;). This one turned out well I think! Let me know if you agree… Download MP3 Here. Your Name – Ben Ward When I hear your name I know everything’s going to be alright When […]

Original Song Mashup with Coldplay Yellow

I so love Coldplay…so I weaved in a little “Yellow” with a song I wrote with Stephanie White, “More.” The parts I used actually worked well, I think. How about you? (I recorded this a couple of weeks ago. Hence, the Christmas Tree:) More with Yellow Written by Ben Ward, Stephanie White, and Coldplay Look at the stars See how they shine for you And all the things you do I came along I wrote a song for you And […]