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Help Me Believe

Brand new song about finding help to believe…lyrics below! Help me Believe Written by Ben Ward My heart’s so stubborn I keep running Going nowhere Standing still Reasons keep crumbling Falling and fumbling My next step’s suddenly clear CHORUS Help me believe you love me Help me believe you care Help me believe you’re real and not some part of my imagination I’m standing waiting to see Help me believe Seems so easy Everybody’s reaching Don’t they doubt Aren’t they […]

Hard to Believe

Happy Autumn!!  It’s my favorite season of the year and it’s in full swing in New York City.  I’ve got a new song for you this week.  I’m always amazed at myself how I wonder if God will come through for me.  He has never let me down.  Ever. Be it finances, where to live, how to get there, what to do, how to do it, who to be with, how to meet them, it has made no difference!  He […]

Like a Little Kid

There are some 300,000 churches in America, and I could have picked any one to attend on Easter morning, but I liked being in this one. Especially the kids. They didn’t need Reverend Henderson’s prayer techniques, or the high-tech mantras of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Their prayers weren’t Rabbi Gellman’s suburban Jewish prayers of Thanks! offered to whom it may concern. They didn’t pray to de-center their egos or find transcendence or to set off on a lifelong therapeutic spiritual journey. […]

Something Big

Recently, one of my Twitter friends stated, “what you ask of God reflects what you believe about Him.”