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Christmas Anthem from the Album!  

Christmas Anthem from the Album!

So excited to share this with you. Last year we had amazing response form our version of the Sacred Harp tune “Christmas Anthem.” So we recorded it for the upcoming album and it’s available today!! Download it for free here!!

Best Christmas Song You’ve Never Heard

My grandparents, Tommie and Margaret Spurlock, met at a Sacred Harp Singing. I found this amazing Sacred Harp Christmas song, “Christmas Anthem,” and I’m so excited to sing it for you today with my friends Stephanie White and Sara Ciotti! Download Here. 225 Christmas Anthem Written by James Denson, 1844 Oh, how charming Are the radiant bands of music! Flying in the air. The church triumphant gives the tone While they surround the holy throne, In glory, with celestial arts, […]