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Behind-the-Scenes Easter 2015  

Behind-the-Scenes Easter 2015

I vlogged Easter weekend prep for our big celebration service at the Theater at Westbury…come along for music, rehearsals, videos, fun people, and so much more! I detailed out some of the media I created earlier this week.

Easter 2015  

Easter 2015

We had quite a full Easter this year at Shelter Rock Church. Here’s the artwork I created using a photo licensed from the Associated Press. It’s from the marches against terrorism in Paris in January of the is year. I knew when I saw this image that it was so powerful and so related to the theme our pastor had chosen: “Not Afraid.” Next up is an intro video I put together with some public domain video form the 1971 […]

Your Name – New Song

Wanted to write a simple song for the people to sing at church for a long time. I have some like Mover of Mountains and I Need You Lord, but I usually end up with way too many words and harmonies for the “common folk.” ;). This one turned out well I think! Let me know if you agree… Download MP3 Here. Your Name – Ben Ward When I hear your name I know everything’s going to be alright When […]

Original Song Mashup with Coldplay Yellow

I so love Coldplay…so I weaved in a little “Yellow” with a song I wrote with Stephanie White, “More.” The parts I used actually worked well, I think. How about you? (I recorded this a couple of weeks ago. Hence, the Christmas Tree:) More with Yellow Written by Ben Ward, Stephanie White, and Coldplay Look at the stars See how they shine for you And all the things you do I came along I wrote a song for you And […]

Come Home for Christmas

Download MP3. Ho, Ho, Ho!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I rerecorded a Christmas Song I wrote a few Christmases back called “Come Home.” I had the first line “For a Few Moments at a Time…” for several years. I actually worked on that song during my lunch breaks at this day job I had in Cambridge, MA (iXL if you wondered). Olivia and I had moved up to Boston to go to grad school in 1999 and needed to make […]