Ben McKay


I lived in Nashville for almost six years writing and playing country music. I made an independent album under the name Ben McKay (McKay is my middle name:). Give it a listen here.

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Michael Walter: Drums…Travis Vance: Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)…Natalie Stovall: Harmony Vocals…Beau Tackett: Lead Guitar, Arrangement Assistance…Arlo Gilliam: Bass… Matt Hauer: Lead Guitar (1)…Bleu Mortenson: Pedal Steel…Craig Delphi: Fiddle… Vincent Bonvissuto: Acoustic Guitar Solo (8)…Bailey and Shelby Ragland: “Ring Around the Rosie” Vocals…Olivia Ward: Harmony Vocals (11)…Ben McKay: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Tracking Engineer, Producer, Package Design, Back Cover Photo…Joe Batty: Mix Engineer…Casey Wood: Mastering Engineer…Aback Photography: Cover Photo

Recorded at Mountain Gravel Music…Mixed at Music Mountain Studios (Thanks to J. Gary Smith)…Mastered at the Insanery

Special Thanks:
To Mom and Dad for supporting me always from the beginning…To The Curlee’s: thank you for believing. Thank you, Keith, for the counsel…To the Spurlock’s, Granny Brown, Papa Ward, the Pritchett’s, the Hannaman’s, the Moler’s, and the Heard’s…To all the teachers who have taught me, the writers who have written with me, the musicians who’ve played with me, the friends who have supported me (especially Melanie and the Garmezy’s), and the audiences who have listened to me. May this be the first chapter in one of your all-time favorite books…To my band, Mountain Gravel – you have made me a better musician and performer. I look forward to so many shows…Hannah, for listening to endless vocal takes and crazy ideas.

Thanks Mike for the loyalty – especially when it’s not convenient.

Dad, I am so proud to be your son. No matter the road I’ve follwed you have
always been right there. I know that will never change. Thank you.

Olivia, my everything: thank you for our life together, our music, our love.
My music and this album would not be the same without you.

Lord, I rejoice for my steps are ordered by You.