Lebanon Day 13

Almost two weeks since I’ve been here.  It’s been a great trip and an eye-opening experience.  From the first day driving from the airport (Lebanon is like a nation of New York City cab drivers.  No attention to lanes of any kind, no attn to stop signs, they only installed some traffic lights four months ago!) to playing tennis today with some of the brothers here on the top of a mountain with the most spectacular views.  Everyday is a day of new things.  The Lord majors in making all things new.  So I think I’m in the right place.

One great thing has also been the ability to video chat with Olivia pretty much everyday.  We get home from meetings close to midnight which is 4 pm Nashville time.  So we’ve been able to communicate quite a bit — so awesome!!  I miss her so much…that’s the hardest part of this so far.

The food has been a new thing as well.  I’ve been known to eat a lot of junk in my time and this trip has been wonderful for making a new start on that front.  Lots of fruits and vegtables all the time.  Not much Diet Coke — lots of water.  They do not eat many sweet things which is a BIG change for me.  I started running Friday in the way too steep mountains here in Broummana and hopefully I’ll come back a little thinner than when I left :).

We’re going to do an outreach at a Catholic Church tonight.  Lebanon has many Catholics and a small amount of Evangelicals (about 30-50,000) and Michel and Nouna have a great relationship with many of the Preists.  They go and worship and share and have seen the Lord do some mighty things in those communities.  I’m excited to see what it’s like.

I’m going to try and post pretty regularly for the rest of the trip–with some pics and (hopefully) some audio/video. 

Hello from Lebanon!

Greetings from Lebanon. Keith Curlee and I travelled to Beirut June 16, 2008 and are seeing the Lord move in mighty ways. We are staying with Michel and Nouna Matar and family in Broumana. There are powerful meetings at the Tent of Praise (TOP) in Beirut — a place of praise and worship. Check out the pictures below for a small taste. Look for mp3s, videos, and lots more soon!


What’s Next?

Well, Olivia and I moved our stuff into storage in Nashville this week and moved in with her sister Hannah for the next little while.  It’s weird, no doubt.  I’m going to Lebanon in a week or so with Olivia’s Dad (www.triumphantmercy.org) for three weeks.  It’s going to be amazing, I know it.  I’ve never been to the Middle East and the Lord is moving mightily there.  I’m excited to learn and see what He is doing.  Olivia and I both are believing the Lord will show us what the next step is.  Where does he want us?

One possibility is starting a Church here in Nashville with her Dad.  Another is something in New York City.  It feels strange right now, though, because we’re just waiting.  Waiting to see where and what He wants next.

Another Step Forward

Now that I’m a “free agent” I thought I would fire up the Blog again.  I look forward to sharing and discussing all kinds of fun stuff soon!  Olivia and I are currently in Peoria, Illinois, but will be back in Nashville in about a week or so waiting on the Lord.  He’s got a new assignment for us and we’re excited to find out what it is :).