Mirrors Everywhere

Olivia and I lived in Boston for three years.  We loved it: the city, our schools, the culture, all of it.  One of the most famous buildings in Boston (and the tallest in New England) is the John Hancock tower in Copley Square.  The architects said they could not improve on the beauty of the surroundings, including the amazing Trinity Church.  So they built a building with mirrors so more of theat beauty could be reflected.

I must admit that it is striking.  But as I was walking through New York recently I noticed that so much of the new construction is made of mirrors.  There’s even an old, pre-war building close to Columbus Circle that is being renovated and covered in – you guessed it – mirrors.  I got to thinking, “What if all the buildings are covered in mirrors?”  “Would there be anything left to reflect?”

I find this as a songwriter sometimes.  I get so busy observing and commenting on life that it seems like I’m not living it.  I think the same goes for journalists, painters, photographers, etc.  There must be something beautiful, something meaningful to convey in our work for it to have meaning.

So, calling all creators: mirrors can be effective, but only if they have something to reflect.

Hancock Tower Boston