New Song – Sound of Your Voice

New song about hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. It was inspired by a portion of a blog by Jonathan Martin (amazing writer and speaker):

When the familiar voice comes, it is marked by tenderness — there is something sweet about it, and yet almost something that breaks my heart too, in all the ways that pure love does.

Loved being joined by these awesome people:
Stephanie White – vocals
Sara Ciotti – vocals
Pete Coco – bass
Edgar Meeks – drums
Shaun Stols – audio

Sound of Your Voice
Written by Ben Ward

What’s the sound of Your voice
Deep inside my spirit?
Beautiful, powerful
Should I feel it?
What’s the sound of Your voice
In the deepest part of me?
Like the wind, like the rain
Is it something I can see?

Oh, speak to me
Oh, all my longing
Oh, nothing I want more
Oh, than the sound of Your voice

What’s the sound of Your voice
In my hidden places?
Tenderness, bold finesse
Should I taste it?
What’s the sound of Your voice
On the surface of my soul?
Will it terrify, make me mad
Or give a hand to hold?


Oh You break my heart
With every syllable
Oh You make Your mark on me
In me, through me
Resounding, singing