Off On Mondays

I’m excited to share about my first full marathon training. I usually tweet about the runs, but these posts will delve a little deeper. I’m calling them “Off On Mondays” because my rest day is on Mondays! Pretty genius, huh?

Here’s a link to the plan I’m using. I actually got it when I registered my Nike GPS watch last month. I wanted something pretty challenging (to me) as I’ve been running all year and really wanted to “go for it.” All the while being conscious that this is my first Marathon and don’t want to overdo it. I feel god so far. My goal is right at four hours (!). That’s right around an average pace of 9 minutes per mile. Pretty crazy considering I probably couldn’t run a mile last year at this time…

On Thursdays I usually cross train – swim lately – but I missed the six mile run yesterday so I did it today. I’m doing intervals right now for the Wednesday run. I did 2 miles at around a 10 minute per mile pace and then 2 miles with 2 minutes fast (8ish) and 1 minute rest (walking). I then ended with 2 miles of another 10 minute pace. It was definitely a workout, but felt really good. I missed the swim, though. I may try to squeeze a short one in tomorrow.