I’m All For That

So the schedule is all messed up this week!  It makes for more fun, though…normally you get a “YouTube Sessions” on Monday, “Just My Opinion” piece on Wednesday, and a review / recommendation on Friday.  But I just finished the YT Session last night so it will be up tomorrow night.  Oh the joys of fitting it all in!

Check out this quote from a Cameron Crowe interview with Joni Mitchell from Rolling Stone in 1978:

Had Smith (Elektra/Asylum Chairman of the Board Joe Smith), in the course of running the company, ever discussed commercial direction with Mitchell?

“You don’t tell Joni Mitchell what to do,” he said.

Oh my, how have times changed.  The music business used to be filled with people who wanted to serve the ideals and even whims of artists.  Now artists grovel at the feet of anyone who will give them the time-of-day.  Don’t get me wrong, there were always businessmen who took advantage of musicians, but today, people who make deals are king.

Can’t we bring the artist back?  I don’t devalue the work and talents of dealmakers and businesspeople.  I think marketers are vital.  But it should all be in service to the music.  And where does the music come from?  The artist.  Let’s give them some room and some honor and see if we don’t get better music.

I’m all for that.  How about you?