Making Room – New Song for Advent

The Advent idea of “making room for Jesus” has been hitting me a lot in this season. The message this week at our church was on Revelation 3 where Jesus says, “I stand at the door and knock.” These two ideas collided for me in this new song. Making room for Jesus as King. Making room for Jesus as Lord. May He crowd out everything else!

Thanks Stephanie White and Sara Ciotti for singing with me!

Chord Chart in E

Making Room (let every heart)
Written by Ben Ward

let every heart prepare Him room
my soul, my strength, my life consumed

I’m making room
For You my King
To overtake my heart
Move everything
That doesn’t belong
In this place
Crowding out Your goodness
Keeping grace
from overflowing from my mouth
Overrunning through my hands
From joining with Your mercy
To see and understand
In this season, in this time
I hear the knocking, the surprise
Of You seeking me
May You find me


I’m making room
For You my Lord
To rule in all Your power
Kingdom restored
Change governments
Take Your throne
I’m laying down my claims,
My rights to what I own
You’re righteous in Your rule
From first to the last
Holy in Your judgment
The future from the past
We’re swinging wide the gates
We’re watching and we wait
For Your glory
May You find me


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The Sound and the Stirring
Ben Ward/© 2015 Ben Ward Music

Can you hear the sound
Hear it all around
In the atmosphere
So strong, so clear

Songs moving through the air
Melodies crashing, beauty everywhere

The sound of freedom
Stirring up the deepest
The sound of praising
Stirring up and waking
The sound of ancient and yet-to-be
The here and now releasing me
From fear and hurting
Oh the sound and the stirring

Can you see the sound
See the lost and found
As the silence breaks
And the hearts awake

What once was dead inside
Now moving, dancing come alive