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Devotional [ 15 ]

Become Us Devotional  

Become Us Devotional

Discussing the song from earlier this week…going through all the lyrics… Download this song! iTunes Spotify Google Play Amazon Become Us (A Wedding Song) By Ben Ward Hold my hand and hold my heart Hold my gaze till death we part We are home Take my love and take my life Take my hand I’m yours You’re mine We’re not alone CHORUS You and me in this mystery of love Become us Give your one and I’ll give mine Give […]

Video Devotions  

Video Devotions

Here are some devotions I recorded as a part of our Cover to Cover Series last year. They’re kinda fun…let me know what you think!

God is Better than Google

Did you know there are 11.944 billion Google searches performed every month? Just think about that for a second. In that second that just passed there were 4,545 searches…and each second that passes…it doesn’t stop…and it’s growing!! We ask Google every question you can imagine. And so many more that we can’t imagine. From the good (new and expecting parents’ searches increase by 2.7%!) to the questionable (Ever looked at the auto-complete suggestions…who’s searching for THAT??), people are unafraid of […]

Seasons Don’t Stay the Same

Everybody loves to love Fall. Me included. It makes it even more romantic to call it Autumn like my British friends. It’s beautiful and cozy and who doesn’t love all things pumpkin? Sign me up. As a matter of fact could I just snapshot a beautiful Fall day in New York City: clear, blue sky, temps in the upper 50s/lower 60s, Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. How many people have I heard say, “I wish everyday was like this!” But, […]

Go Public

This passage of Scripture begins with the phrase, “Let me tell you why you are here.” Man, that’s what everybody’s looking for…I know I am. Here it is. When you become a part of the Body of Jesus, when you enter His kingdom you become a light. Bringing out God all around you. Some will be so grateful to you, some will probably be mad. That’s not your focus. Just be the light. Shine His light. Go public!   Here’s […]