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Another New Song – Don’t Want to Run

Here’s another one I wrote with Anje Dowler and a great singer/songwriter I went to Berklee with, Mike Willis. Staying put. Seeing love through. Walking it out. Hard, but so worth it. Enjoy!! Download the MP3 here. Listen here. Don’t Want to Run I’ve always played the game Holding back, not giving all of me so quick place the blame A broken man With an answer for everything Can’t keep living live in overdrive Always trying to catch my breath […]

Finally Free – New Song

Time for a new song! This one I wrote with my dear friend Anje Dowler…bunch of new ones coming up here and on the YouTube channel! Finally Free Anje Dowler/Ben Ward It seemed so permanent Felt like forever They all said “learn from it” It’ll get better But walking around in chains ain’t good enough you see So I cut those ties, the one’s that bind And it almost killed me But I’m still standing Finally free All my reasoning […]