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Celebrating the life and faith of Saint Mark the Evangelist in the Church Calendar. April 25, 2024.

Our general order and lectionary come from the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office.

  • Welcome (00:00)
  • Is He Worthy (Andrew Peterson, Ben Shive) (00:39)
  • Prayer of Confession (04:16)
  • Is He Worthy (Reprise) (04:49)
  • Prayer requests: Jim in New Jersey and Melese in South Sudan (05:29)
  • Is He Worthy (Reprise) (07:45)
  • Psalm 2:7-10 (08:12)
  • Glory to the Father (09:13)
  • Mark 1:1-13 (09:34)
  • Apostles’ Creed (12:06)
  • Lord’s Prayer (12:56)
  • Collect of the Day (13:29)
  • Time of Free Prayer (14:24)
  • Our provider (16:10)
  • Benediction (17:15)

Playlist of songs from Morning Prayer.

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Photo by Olivia Ward.

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