Always Amazing (Songs from Morning Prayer May 2024)

“Always Amazing (Songs from Morning Prayer May 2024)” by Ben Ward. Released: 2024.

Ben Ward

Always amazing
Always glorious
Always awesome in power
Make Your ways known to us
Always forgiving
Always setting free
Offering new life
And faith to believe
I’m always praising
You’re always amazing

Always amazing
Even when it hurts
When I don’t understand
When the blessing feels a curse
Always creating
Even when I don’t see
Offering me peace
When I’m bound and don’t feel free
You can always change me
‘Cause You’re always amazing

I don’t have the words to describe You
I can only say what I see
The rhythm and the wonder of Your lightning and Your thunder
Go on and on
What came before
The here and now

Always amazing
How You never leave
How you lead me down the path
Where I can’t see
Always patient
When I complain
You must laugh at how
I can’t seem to trust
Unless someone explains
How You always save me
You’re always amazing

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