9-6-18 Morning Prayer and Worship

9-6-18 Morning Prayer and Worship

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“Keep company with God, get in on the best.”

Some of the Pharisees said, “Obviously, this man can’t be from God. He doesn’t keep the Sabbath.”

Others countered, “How can a bad man do miraculous, God-revealing things like this?” There was a split in their ranks.

They came back at the blind man, “You’re the expert. He opened your eyes. What do you say about him?”

He said, “He is a prophet.”

Our music for today is “Say the Word” by Hillsong United.

Readings for today…Psalm 37, Job 16:16-22; 17:1, 13-16, Acts 13:1-12, John 9:1-17

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Artwork by Paul Klee

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