More Than Enough | Acoustic Worship and Praise

Morning Prayer and Worship
Morning Prayer and Worship
More Than Enough | Acoustic Worship and Praise

A special bonus episode of Morning Prayer today! I sat down with my acoustic guitar and just worshiped with some beautiful songs for just shy of 20 minutes. I’d love for you to join me in singing and sitting in the refreshing presence of Jesus by the Holy Spirit. I pray it will renew your faith in a small way today.

Let me know if you’d like to hear more of this in-between Morning Prayer episodes!

00:00 Ever Be (Bethel Music)
05:22 Faith is Rising (Jonathan David Helser)
08:38 No Longer Slaves (Jonathan David Helser, Bethel Music)
13:42 More (Ben Ward, Stephanie Osorio)
15:43 Ever Be Reprise (Bethel Music)

6 Replies to “More Than Enough | Acoustic Worship and Praise”

  1. Thank you Ben for what you do Today’s bonus prayer came at the perfect timeWhat a blessing to hear your prayer and worship today!! Thank you and always look forward to the weekend morning prayers I have been listening since 2019

  2. Hi Ben, We were really blessed by today’s worship set. Thank you for sharing this worship and prayer with us!

    Judy and Steve Bock … SRC Manhasset

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