Just a little update for you all on the video front….I have given myself a self-imposed moratorium on videos while I work on my album for the next couple of weeks. So, never fear, more videos on the way…in the meantime check out some of the archive!

Love you guys!

2 Replies to “Schedule!!”

  1. Just watched two of your updates on the making of your album.
    I feel so overjoyed for you doing this album.
    I can also feel the joy from you, with the PRICELESS energy and gift God has given you to spread this to everyone.
    Your heart and soul is in every song you sing. I see you when you’re singing, it is in you. Through your heart I can see the feelings you express through EVERY song.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.
    I enjoy it immensely.
    Keep sharing.

    Thanking God for placing you in my life.
    God’s love to you and Olivia

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