What it Takes to Broadcast Live

This is the gold standard, obviously. The NFL on broadcast TV is the best of the best. But after designing and installing two new web broadcast systems this year, this makes me happy. What we did was so far from this, but so much of the “live” aspect is the same.

Best line: “Ultimately when it comes down to it everything that we’re trying to do is all about telling a story and giving the producers and directors the tools that they need to tell that story. We want to give the viewer the best experience graphically, visually, orally, audio, everything is all for the viewer.”

Now if I could just get my volunteer team members to think like this….

YouTube Channel Strategy

Launched my wife Olivia and her sister Hannah’s new push on their YouTube channel yesterday. I’ve been going over to the YouTube Next Lab in NYC and learning all about the platform. Before the first workshop I thought I knew the basics but after I realized how much time I have to learn. The combination of trackable links (we’re using goo.gl) with annotations in the video is particularly strong.

Our schedule we’re starting with is a new 10-15 minute episode on Mondays. We spread out social media postings (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for both) over the day and night. The Twitter postings that tagged the other sister and YouTube worked great as the people responded to all.

On Tuesday having Olivia respond to five comments on YouTube and five comments on the blog. We’ll post to all social media and that will give us another push.

Wednesday we’ll replicate the strategy from Monday with a 3-6 minute episode.

Thursday Hannah will respond to comments with social media push.

Friday we will assemble a curated themed playlist that hits subscribers’ feeds at the end of the week.

Yesterday, the first day, we gained a little over 100 new subscribers. Had close to 700 visitors to blog (only link was directly below YouTube video saying that was where to find the recipe. My goal right now is to gain 250 new subscribers per week: 100 each new episode day and then 50 over the course of the others.


Episode Day Postings:
10:00: YouTube and Blog go live
11:30: Olivia Twitter
12:30: Olivia Instagram
13:00: Hannah Twitter
13:30: Hannah Instagram
15:00: Olivia Facebook
19:30: Hannah Facebook

Yours – New Song!

youtube sessions

The sessions are back!  New tunes, covers, etc., etc., from a brand new “studio.” It happens to be my office :). This is a new tune I wrote about missing a certain someone…who might be on a certain TV show…that might be called The Biggest Loser ;).

Download here.  Play here:

[audio:https://benwardmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/Yours.mp3|titles=Yours|artists=Ben Ward]


I am yours, you are mine
We belong to one another
When we hurt our hearts break
We run for cover in one another

Though you’re far away know you’re never alone
And the night can seem so late
So much left unknown
But we’re at home in our heart’s warm embrace


I am yours, you are mine
We belong to one another

Stand Up Among Us

youtube sessions

Jesus told us that where two or three are gathered in His name He would be there. The problem is, most of the time we make Him sit in the back while we do our thing. This is a prayer that He would “stand up among us.”

That we would sit before Him while He reveals His power, His grace, His love, Himself.

Much thanks to my father-in-law, Keith Curlee, for teaching me this!

Download here.  Play here:[audio:https://benwardmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/Stand-Up-Among-Us.mp3|titles=Stand Up Among Us|artists=Ben Ward]

Stand Up Among Us

We’re dry inside these walls of pride
Without You we’re empty
We’re thirsty from our vain pursuits
We long to drink of You
The weight of our sin presses down upon us
Driving us to our knees
We call out to You our God, Redeemer
Blessed is He who brings us peace

Stand up among us
Make Your presence known
Rise up within us
Set Your people free
In Your presence is where we need to be

To the fatherless be a Father, Lord
Show Your compassion
To the prisoner and the captive
Bring Your release
To those who cry out for Your mercy
That always seems out of reach
Holy Spirit come in power
Ignite our passion to believe

Stand up among us
Make Your presence known
Rise up within us
Set Your people free
In Your presence is where we want to be

The Lord is clothed in beauty and power
No one is like Him, He is great

Stand up among us
Make Your presence known
Rise up within us
Set Your people free
In Your presence is where we’re going to be
In Your presence is where I will be