What New Music Do You Love??

So, I want to listen to some new tunes that are amazing and I need you to clue me in!  What songs / albums / artists do you absolutely love right now?  What do I HAVE to hear?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below and provide a link if you can :).


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  1. Katy Perry’s album, One of the Boys, is a surprise hit for me. The songs are very well produced but the thing that catches me the most are the lyrics. They are just so clever. Favorite song: “Mannequin.”

    I’ve also been listening to Lily Allen. Her second album is actually a step up from her first one, which is pretty impressive. Favorite song: “F*** You.” Seriously. haha

    Oh! Almost forgot. Ingrid Michaelson. Great artist. Her album, Be OK, is very nice and a lot more folksy than her first album, Girls and Boys. The gem on Be OK is “You and I,” which sounds especially lovely when she sings it with Jason Mraz live on stage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-H-FYEGqak


  2. You’re right, Arthur, “You and I” is great – I’ve never heard it before. The YouTube clip is awesome. Anything acoustc gets me everytime – esp with ukelele.

    That’s quite an interesting substitution for “Thank You” from Lily Allen :).

    I also like the play between “Man” and “Mannequin” on the Katy Perry track…cool.

    Thanks, Arthur! Who’s next?

  3. Can’t wait to listen tomorrow, Norah. We only have one computer around here as you know :). I’ve been following Imogen Heap on Twitter for awhile. Very innovative marketing.

  4. Listening to Imogen Heap now…love it! Very interesting…the programming adds a unique element to a singer-songwriter.

    I don’t know if I loved Passion Pit, but it was pretty cool. They seemed to share fans with Phoenix…whom I really like. Do you know them, Norah?

  5. Isn’t it great! I love this album. I mean, I was in love with her first album and her album when she was with “Frou Frou.” It is just so good! She is so unique and original. Nothing else like her anywhere.

    Passion Pit is definitely mood music. You have to be in the mood for its style. But something about their music always makes me want to dance!

    I like Pheonix! They have a song called “Fences” that I really like! I haven’t known about them for very long but what I’ve heard by them I dig!

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