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So Right

Brand spanking new song written with Stephanie White. We actually got the idea in the middle of a very hurried rehearsal before a worship service. I recorded the snippet on my phone and then dug it up this week…everything about God is just so right…so perfect…just “yes.” Download here. Everything About You Ben Ward/Stephanie White I want to sing to You when it’s cold outside I want to sing to You in the darkest night I want to sing to […]

Lavishing Love

Brand new song today!! So excited to share this one about the Prodigal Son…let me know what you think! Finding My Way Back to You Written by Ben Ward You overwhelm me with mercy You overtake me with grace Lavishing love, more than enough Goodness I see and taste So why do I run away? CHORUS So unworthy Still You love me Undeserving Yet You celebrate As I’m finding my way In Your time and Your place Back to the […]

Another New Song – Don’t Want to Run

Here’s another one I wrote with Anje Dowler and a great singer/songwriter I went to Berklee with, Mike Willis. Staying put. Seeing love through. Walking it out. Hard, but so worth it. Enjoy!! Download the MP3 here. Listen here. Don’t Want to Run I’ve always played the game Holding back, not giving all of me so quick place the blame A broken man With an answer for everything Can’t keep living live in overdrive Always trying to catch my breath […]