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What it Takes to Broadcast Live

This is the gold standard, obviously. The NFL on broadcast TV is the best of the best. But after designing and installing two new web broadcast systems this year, this makes me happy. What we did was so far from

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YouTube Channel Strategy

Launched my wife Olivia and her sister Hannah’s new push on their YouTube channel yesterday. I’ve been going over to the YouTube Next Lab in NYC and learning all about the platform. Before the first workshop I thought I knew

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New Song. New Video.

We got a new Canon 60D for filming video so this was a test run. I thought I’d record a little worship chorus that I wrote with Stephanie White around Easter. Enjoy! Thanks to Gregg Farah for filming!

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Yours – New Song!

The sessions are back!  New tunes, covers, etc., etc., from a brand new “studio.” It happens to be my office :). This is a new tune I wrote about missing a certain someone… Download here.  Play here: Yours I am

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Stand Up Among Us

Jesus told us that where two or three are gathered in His name He would be there. The problem is, most of the time we make Him sit in the back while we do our thing. This is a prayer

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Hard to Believe

Happy Autumn!!  It’s my favorite season of the year and it’s in full swing in New York City.  I’ve got a new song for you this week.  I’m always amazed at myself how I wonder if God will come through

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Apple of Your Eye

I wrote this lyric after an amazing time of worship.  I had just read Psalm 17:8 where David says, “Keep me as the apple of your eye…”  It’s an incredible thing to know that, no matter what, God loves us

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Since we can’t be with my Mom on her birthday this year, I decided to send her her very own “video card” :). Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!!

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I’m Hungry

This week, I’ve got a wonderful worship song that I hope you’ll enjoy.  I love doing it in this slow, contemplative way.  I could sing it for hours! (thanks Harold Greene).  It was written by Kathryn Scott from the Vineyard in

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There’s Still a Fight in Me

New song this week written with one of my favorite people in the world, Anje Dowler, and Katie Dean.  It’s got a “James Taylor Moment” in the middle where the key goes up and I have to move the capo

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