A Short Break & YouVersion

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m taking short break in the podcast. Hopefully be back soon. Work ramped up last week with several projects!

Do know that I’m continuing to pray the Daily Office and follow the reading plans. If you’d like to join me on YouVersion click here. You have to do a small hack to get it to sync up with the correct day…

To reset the start date for your plan or to sync your plan with others: 

  1. Open the plan you’d like to reset
  2. Determine which day (not the date but the day of the plan) you’d like to be on – this example uses day 352 as the day you’d like to be on
  3. Select day 351 and mark all of the passages for that day as read
  4. Check to make sure that none of the days after day 351 are marked as read
  5. Select day 352 to make it the active day – this will be your new ‘Today’
  6. Select the three dots icon in the upper right
  7. Select Catch Me Up

Today (10-10-18) is Day 352 😊.

Let me know if you have any problems!! Thanks as always for praying with me and I look forward to resuming the podcasts soon!

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