Breaking Strings

We had one combined service at our locations today at Shelter Rock because of our annual picnic.  I was in Syosset and had a guitar string break right at the beginning of the set…something that has never happened to me! All I could think about was my options: 1. Move to the piano, 2. Borrow our second acoustic player’s guitar.  We were in the middle of the set so there wasn’t a good time to do either.  I just decided to put my guitar down and lead instrumentless.  Something I hardly ever do.  I’m not used to having my hands free so it was nice to be able to clap and lift them up but it was a weird feeling.  I kept thinking of the worship leaders I like who do not lead from an instrument and what they do :).

All in all it went well.  The team really stepped up and did a great job.  Note to self: Have another guitar available.

Here’s the set…

Opening: Nothing But the Blood (Christa Ciotti arrangement off her forthcoming album)

O Taste and See (Brian Johnson)

Hosanna (Brooke Fraser)

None But Jesus (Brooke Fraser)

Offering/Closing: By His Wounds w/Nothing but the Blood

Jimmy Costello did an awesome job with this!!

More setlists here:

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