Songs this Sunday

Great week…I was leading at our Syosset location.  One fun thing was having two acoustics in the band.  With the help of our friendly neighborhood capo it made for a nice, full sound.  The more acoustics the better!!

Here’s the set:

Sing to the King (Foote)

Mighty to Save (Fielding)

Hosanna (Fraser)

Hungry (Scott)

How He Loves (McMillan)

We used “How He Loves” as the song weaving through communion, offering, and as a closing song.  This worked really well.  We sang the first verse and pre chorus twice and then played under the pastor administering communion.  We then moved into the second verse as the offering was taken.  As they finished that I stood up the congregation to sing the chorus a couple of times as a nice, big ending.

Here’s the message series roll in video I put together for our new series “Defining Moments.”

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Breaking Strings

We had one combined service at our locations today at Shelter Rock because of our annual picnic.  I was in Syosset and had a guitar string break right at the beginning of the set…something that has never happened to me! All I could think about was my options: 1. Move to the piano, 2. Borrow our second acoustic player’s guitar.  We were in the middle of the set so there wasn’t a good time to do either.  I just decided to put my guitar down and lead instrumentless.  Something I hardly ever do.  I’m not used to having my hands free so it was nice to be able to clap and lift them up but it was a weird feeling.  I kept thinking of the worship leaders I like who do not lead from an instrument and what they do :).

All in all it went well.  The team really stepped up and did a great job.  Note to self: Have another guitar available.

Here’s the set…

Opening: Nothing But the Blood (Christa Ciotti arrangement off her forthcoming album)

O Taste and See (Brian Johnson)

Hosanna (Brooke Fraser)

None But Jesus (Brooke Fraser)

Offering/Closing: By His Wounds w/Nothing but the Blood

Jimmy Costello did an awesome job with this!!

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Sunday Setlist 2-7-10

We had  a powerful time on Sunday.  We introduced “How He Loves” and the people responded.  I led at our Syosset campus and we had an extended time during that song where the Lord gave us Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God).  A hush came over us and it was so sweet to just stand for a few moments in His presence as children of the Father.

Here are the songs:

Sing, Sing, Sing (Carson, Gilder, Nunn, Reeves, Tomlin)

Indescribable (Story)

Salvation Belongs to Our God (Howard, Turner)

How He Loves (McMillan)

Happy Day (Cantelon, Hughes)

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Sunday Setlist 1-31-10

So here are the songs we worshiped with this week at Shelter Rock Church in Manhasset and Syosset, NY…

The Lord moved and I felt there were two things He emphasized: 1) He delights in us as we delight in Him 2) In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy.

Blessed be Your Name (Redman)

Your Grace is Enough (Maher)

In Christ Alone (Getty/Townsend)

Hosanna (Fraser)

After message…

Here I am to Worship (Hughes) (new verse harmony written with Harold Greene):

D /  [A/C#] /     C  / [G/B]  [Gm/Bb]     [D/A] / [E/G#] /     G [D/F#] Em /

Closed with “You are Good” (Houghton)

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Worship Setlist 9-27-09

FredMckinnon.Com has a great place to recap your Sunday worship set called, appropriately enough, Sunday Setlists.  I was the guest worship leader yesterday at Shelter Rock Church in Syosset, NY so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring :).

Thanks to the worship team: Beth, David, Sara, Warren, Joe, and Brian…thanks for making me welcome and letting me lead!

Thanks Pastors Steve and Jerry for having me as well.

The Spirit was strong and there’s nothing more wonderful than just basking in the Lord’s presence together.


Your Grace is Enough
Everlasting God
Revelation Song
I Surrender All (Hymn)
Mover of Mountains (Original)[audio:|titles=Mover of Mountains|artists=Ben Ward]
God of this City