Sunday Setlist 1-31-10

So here are the songs we worshiped with this week at Shelter Rock Church in Manhasset and Syosset, NY…

The Lord moved and I felt there were two things He emphasized: 1) He delights in us as we delight in Him 2) In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy.

Blessed be Your Name (Redman)

Your Grace is Enough (Maher)

In Christ Alone (Getty/Townsend)

Hosanna (Fraser)

After message…

Here I am to Worship (Hughes) (new verse harmony written with Harold Greene):

D /  [A/C#] /     C  / [G/B]  [Gm/Bb]     [D/A] / [E/G#] /     G [D/F#] Em /

Closed with “You are Good” (Houghton)

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