God, help us

From President Obama’s speech to the UN earlier today…

(Pursuit of peace) “That effort must begin with an unshakeable determination that the murder of innocent men, women and children will never be tolerated.”

Yet we murder innocent children to the tune of some one million a year in the US alone.  Since 1973, 45 million children have been aborted in our own country (not to mention the numbers around the world).

When will we stand up for their rights?  When will the human rights so many clamor for include the most vulnerable and defenseless?  The blood of the innocent cries out.

God, help us.

3 Replies to “God, help us”

  1. I feel you, Ben. I really do. But, personally, I believe we, as a whole, lost our humanity as soon as this barbaric practice became accepted. I believe that every argument against it has been made already. At this point, I think it’s now a matter between proponents of it and God. The only thing we can do is our best.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Arthur. I totally agree that we have to do our best to prevent. But I have to believe that we can somehow stand against it with our laws. The laws of a nation refect the value it places on things. Abortion just doesn’t fit with “life, liberty…”

      I always appreciate your views!

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