Great Wall of China – Original Song

Here’s a song I wrote with Anje Dowler and Scott Southworth back a few years ago. I randomly started playing the guitar part today and remembered it…I needed to sing it then…of course 😉

Great Wall of China
Ben Ward, Anje Dowler, Scott Southworth

You let me get close, but you won’t let me in
You block my approach with a suspicious grin
I’ve circled your fortress, hoping to find
A crack in your armor…just the slightest sign

The Great Wall of China
Yeah, The Great Wall of China…
Aint got nothing on you

The work is impressive, must have taken some time
To build those bricks up so strong and so high
But what have you gained in your prison of stone
You may be safe but you’re all alone, and


They say a little faith tumbled Jericho’s walls
I’ll keep believing always catch you when you fall

It’s alright you don’t have to be scared
You’re not alone baby I’ve been there
You can escape that mountain of fear
Take a step out, watch it disappear


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