Great Wall of China – Original Song

Here’s a song I wrote with Anje Dowler and Scott Southworth back a few years ago. I randomly started playing the guitar part today and remembered it…I needed to sing it then…of course 😉

Great Wall of China
Ben Ward, Anje Dowler, Scott Southworth

You let me get close, but you won’t let me in
You block my approach with a suspicious grin
I’ve circled your fortress, hoping to find
A crack in your armor…just the slightest sign

The Great Wall of China
Yeah, The Great Wall of China…
Aint got nothing on you

The work is impressive, must have taken some time
To build those bricks up so strong and so high
But what have you gained in your prison of stone
You may be safe but you’re all alone, and


They say a little faith tumbled Jericho’s walls
I’ll keep believing always catch you when you fall

It’s alright you don’t have to be scared
You’re not alone baby I’ve been there
You can escape that mountain of fear
Take a step out, watch it disappear


Love Song for Olivia

I wrote this song for Olivia on our fifth anniversary…based on 1 Corinthians 13!

Love You Like This
Written by Ben Ward

I’m gonna love you with some patience
I’m gonna love you with some kindness
I’m gonna love you with forgiveness
I’m gonna love you with some gentleness

I’m gonna love you when it’s easy
I’m gonna love you when it hurts so much
I’m gonna love you when it’s crazy
I’m gonna love you when I feel your touch

And if you ever need protecting
And if you need a place to rest

Hold on, don’t let go
Stay right here, let me show you
You’re the reason I exist
Trust me and take my hand
Love never fails it makes no demands
I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna love you like this

I’m gonna love and not get offended
I’m gonna love you if we have some differences
And if you ever need defending
I’m gonna love you with a shield of faithfulness

When you need some understanding
When you need a place to rest


If you ever need defending
When you need that place to rest


Hannah and Pate’s Wedding Song!

Download on iTunes

So excited to share this song I wrote for my sister-in-law Hannah’s wedding in March…I was so honored to sing it at the ceremony. So excited you can download it at iTunes and everywhere else!!

Become Us (A Wedding Song)
By Ben Ward

Hold my hand and hold my heart
Hold my gaze till death we part
We are home

Take my love and take my life
Take my hand I’m yours You’re mine
We’re not alone

You and me in this mystery of love
Become us

Give your one and I’ll give mine
Give our all and we will find
We’re joined as one


All these solitary moments
Are just a chance for us to see
The beauty of our life together
And oh wonderful it can be
And oh how wonderful it will be

Hear my prayer and hear my dreams
My desires, my wants, my needs
All my love


Everything We’ll Ever Need

So one night I got into this rabbit hole on YouTube (don’t you love them??) watching old James Taylor shows. I SO wanted to write some great songs like that (and still do!). So I just started…I was also in that crazy sleepy place where you’re a little freer and I just let the song become what it wanted. I really like how it turned out. Don’t know if it’s JT quality, but I keep working!

So excited to have Stephanie White and Jessica Logan singing harmonies. We’ve got a cool cover coming up you won’t want to miss!

Download the MP3 hereListen here.

I’ve spent most of my life running from this place
I’ve spent most of my time trying to put on a happy face
I can’t ever figure out just where to begin
When I finally do I don’t know where to end
That’s when you walk in
Pretty as can be
Make me stop my doubting
Convince me to believe (that)

The sky won’t fall if it’s a little gray
And we won’t lose it all if we’re a little late
And everybody’s known to get the blues
But I got you and you got me
And that’s everything we’ll ever need

Guy on the TV screen’s got the latest thing
What he’s selling me’s not what I need
I don’t live my life on bread alone
‘Cause in the blink of an eye it’s almost gone
That’s when you walk in
Pretty as can be
Make me stop daydreaming
And see what’s right in front of me


We think we’ve have to have so much
But I could live for years on your sweet love
It’s always enough


Another New Song – Don’t Want to Run

Here’s another one I wrote with Anje Dowler and a great singer/songwriter I went to Berklee with, Mike Willis.

Staying put. Seeing love through. Walking it out. Hard, but so worth it. Enjoy!!

Download the MP3 here. Listen here.

Don’t Want to Run

I’ve always played the game
Holding back,
not giving all of me
so quick place the blame
A broken man
With an answer for everything

Can’t keep living live in overdrive
Always trying to catch my breath
My soul is tired now
I think I’m losing ground
I can’t help myself

I don’t want to run anymore
I’d rather stay with you and take it slow
With this love I can’t ignore
I’m finally coming undone
I don’t wanna run

A collection of memories
A fading dream
Are all I’ve had to hold
A beaten up photograph
From a moment that
I cannot seem to let go

Our love has been a battleground
Leaving us the casualties
I’ll raise my hand and call a truce
But I just can’t retreat


Am I too late?
Has the moment gone?
Is there a part of me alive in you?
Something I can hold on to?