Hannah and Pate’s Wedding Song!

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So excited to share this song I wrote for my sister-in-law Hannah’s wedding in March…I was so honored to sing it at the ceremony. So excited you can download it at iTunes and everywhere else!!

Become Us (A Wedding Song)
By Ben Ward

Hold my hand and hold my heart
Hold my gaze till death we part
We are home

Take my love and take my life
Take my hand I’m yours You’re mine
We’re not alone

You and me in this mystery of love
Become us

Give your one and I’ll give mine
Give our all and we will find
We’re joined as one


All these solitary moments
Are just a chance for us to see
The beauty of our life together
And oh wonderful it can be
And oh how wonderful it will be

Hear my prayer and hear my dreams
My desires, my wants, my needs
All my love


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