Lebanon Day 19

The pace has really picked up.  Thursday night I taught my first music class at the TOP.  We had about twenty people learning guitar and songwriting.  I had them all write a song together — it turned out great!  May the Lord raise up a new group of songwriters here in Lebanon!

Friday Michel and Nouna graciously allowed me to lead the worship team at the TOP service.  It was so awesome to lead in a free environment not worried about singing a song too many times :).  The Spirit was there in such a strong way.  We sang the chorus from the song “How He Loves” and the love of Jesus manifested powerfully.  After we sang “How Great is Our God” there was a spontaneous song that asked for the nations to see how great God is and then moved on to the call from the end of the book of Revelation that “the Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come.'”  It was so precious to be leading worship again.

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