Lebanon Day 16-17-18

A great few days here in the Middle East.  Tuesday was action packed.  I went up to the mountains to a ski resort (Who know there was snow and skiing 45 minutes away from the beach???) with Michel to meet a friend of his who was planning his wedding.  We went to lunch afterwards at the Intercontinental resort.  Unbelievable.  It was in a teant outside the main buildings that was set up to be like an old Bedouin camp.  The food was amazing.  It was a traditional Lebanese feast (my word) with lots of hummus, tabouli, lamb, baba ghanoush, and even raw meat.  If you know me this was a stretch, but it was great!

Tuesday night I spoke at the youth meeting at the TOP.  I shared on intercession and the imporatance of “standing in the gap” for others before the Lord.  This is what He is calling us to do as believers…to grow into maturity.  Not be so self-consumed with our needs, our wants, but to stand before Him with the needs of others: believers, unbelievers, cities, nations, all needs that He brings our attention to.  I used these scriptures: Genesis 18:16-33 (Abraham); Exodus 32:7-14 (Moses); Romans 8:34 (Jesus); Romans 8:26-27 (Holy Spirit).  The youth really went after it.  We spent about one and a half hours after that just interceding before the Lord.  It was powerful.

Today I am posting from Starbucks in Beirut.  Here’s a pic.  My friend Ramy is the manager of several here and in Jordan.  We’ve had great fellowship today.

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