Your Mother – Acoustic

Your Mother
Written by Ben Ward
August 2016

Your mother’s so beautiful
Your mother’s so rare
So unpredictable
See how she cares
She loves so relentlessly
So full of light
She’s your mother
and she is my wife

Your mother brings clarity
Where confusion reigns
Your mother brings sanity
While everybody else complains
She’ll always defend you
Upholding what’s right
She’s your mother
and she is my wife

Graciously she’ll lead you
To the peace you’re yearning for
Patiently she’ll sing to you
Leave you longing for more

I fell in love with her
So many years ago
We waited so long for you
And I want you to know
She’s a gift from God our Father
The true love of my life
(and we’re blessed…)
She’s your mother
And she is my wife

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