Fave Lyrics

So today is the day for one of my favorite lyrics…

Now the first of December was covered with snow, and so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston (James Taylor, Sweet Baby James)

Something about that picture, I know exactly how he feels for some reason.  Plus living in Boston for a few years helps :).


A couple more…


…He said a good song never comes to those who chase, it comes to those who listen (Darrell Scott, My Father’s House)

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This is my theme for songwriting.  I think it applies to much of life as well.  Even as a believer, I need to quit talking and LISTEN!


When you walk into the room you know we can’t resist. Every bottle of perfume always ends up on the floor in a mess (John Mark Mcmillan, Dress Us Up)

This is one of favorite worship lyrics of all time.  It references the story of Mary pouring the perfume on Jesus’ feet (John 12:3).  This is one of the purest expressions of worship in Scripture.  This lyric frames it in an entirely new way for me.