Just Ask

So these first few weeks at the Church have been a whirlwind. So much to learn about where we’ve been so we can see clearly where to go. The hard part is that there’s a service that happens every week. It doesn’t wait for me to get “up to speed.”

The Lord reminded me a couple of times today that it all does not depend on me. Sure, I’m the one responsible for all the positions being filled and music beieng chosen, etc., etc. But in the end God has called me to this place at this time and the most effective thing I can do with all these needs is ask Him.

Just ask.

He wants to meet my needs. He wants to meet the needs of His Church – the “thing belonging to the Lord.”

The Church is His. I am His. And all I have to do is call upon His name and He will answer.

Everytime…just ask.