That the gifts in you would be revealed – Morning Prayer in Ordinary Time

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It’s the Tuesday of Ordinary Time, Proper 3 in the Church Calendar. May 28, 2024.

Our general order and lectionary come from the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office.

  • Welcome (00:00)
  • More (Ben Ward, Stephanie Osorio) (00:44)
  • Prayer of Confession (02:47)
  • More (continued) (03:30)
  • Psalm 26 (04:21)
  • Psalm 28 (05:50)
  • Glory to the Father (07:45)
  • Matthew 12:33-42 (08:24)
  • Apostles’ Creed (10:47)
  • Lord’s Prayer (11:38)
  • Collect of the Day (12:06)
  • Time of Free Prayer (12:56)
  • That the gifts in you would come forth (14:19)
  • Benediction (15:53)

Playlist of songs from Morning Prayer.

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Photo by Allan Feitor.

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