Grace in the waiting – Morning Prayer for July 11, 2024

Oh, what a heritage we have as followers of Jesus. I love when we get to “feast days” in the church calendar because I get to learn a little bit more about a hero of our faith. When I first started praying the Daily Office, I hadn’t heard of most of the “Saints” that showed up on the calendar. So, before I would begin, I would look them up and read their stories. And wow. Such amazing, sacrificial lives of love and devotion to Jesus. You and I are part of that line. These are our family stories. May we always tell them—one generation to another! Make sure to read about one of our brothers today: St. Benedict.

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Celebrating the life and faith of St Benedict in the Church Calendar. July 11, 2024.

Our general order and lectionary come from the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office.

  • Welcome (00:00)
  • This Is How I Fight My Battles (Elyssa Smith, Justin Williams) (01:42)
  • Prayer of Confession (04:07)
  • This is How I Fight My Battles (continued) (04:40)
  • Psalm 34:1-8 (05:38)
  • Glory to the Father (07:06)
  • Luke 14:27-33 (07:43)
  • Apostles’ Creed (09:01)
  • Lord’s Prayer (09:47)
  • Collect of the Day (10:18)
  • Time of free prayer (11:29)
  • For those who are waiting (12:54)
  • Benediction (14:41)

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Photo by Krivec Ales.

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