I will give attention to Your ways – Morning Prayer for July 10, 2024

A person has to be so enamored of someone else that they would write an epic poem to all their rules??!! Every time a selection from Psalm 119 comes up, I’m in awe, really, that David would write a love song to God’s law. He is so taken and captivated by the Lord that everything about Him and related to Him is on the table for praise and uplift. For worship. Listen to this Psalm today as you set aside 15 minutes as holy. A place, in time, to know the nearness of God. I believe it will change your day in ways we can’t comprehend.

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It’s Wednesday of Ordinary Time, Proper 9 in the Church Calendar. July 10, 2024.

Our general order and lectionary come from the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office.

  • Welcome (00:00)
  • Mover of Mountains (Ben Ward, Joanne Chantelau) (00:54)
  • Prayer of Confession (03:26)
  • Mover of Mountains (continued) (04:01)
  • Psalm 119:1-24 (05:00)
  • Glory to the Father (07:37)
  • Matthew 23:27-39 (08:09)
  • Apostles’ Creed (10:31)
  • Lord’s Prayer (11:21)
  • Collect of the Day (11:55)
  • Time of free prayer (13:08)
  • For those looking for work (14:42)
  • Benediction (15:49)

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