Happy are they who consider the poor and needy!

Morning Prayer and Worship
Morning Prayer and Worship
7-23-18 Morning Prayer and Worship

Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along. The law code—don’t sleep with another person’s spouse, don’t take someone’s life, don’t take what isn’t yours, don’t always be wanting what you don’t have, and any other “don’t” you can think of—finally adds up to this: Love other people as well as you do yourself. You can’t go wrong when you love others. When you add up everything in the law code, the sum total is love.

Our 🎶🎶 for today is “New Wine” by Hillsong.

Readings for today…Psalms 41, 52, 44, Joshua 7:1-13, Romans 13:8-14, Matthew 26:36-46

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Photo: “NYC from the 32nd Floor” by Ben!

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