Love Song for Olivia (11 Years!)

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This past Saturday was our 11th anniversary so I did what any good songwriter does  [:) ] and wrote her a song. 

If you’re interested, the last anniversary song I wrote Olivia was “Like This” from my album State I’m In.

Let me know what you think!

Download the MP3 here.  Play here: [audio:|titles=11 Years|artists=Ben Ward]

8 Replies to “Love Song for Olivia (11 Years!)”

  1. “the emphases on the words” … meaning, the way the words fall rhythmically. It’s good. I appreciate song writers who place the words in the right spots, so the beats of emphasis land melodically and rhythmically and lyrically in the right spot.

  2. Bro, LOVING THIS SONG! Excellent job taking me into the intimate friendship you have with your bride but not so much I feel like I am intruding.

    That sliding progression is so versatile too! I need to play with it and see what comes to me. Nice!

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